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Dr. Seema Arora -  Director

Mrs. Seema Arora is a prominent educationist and vibrant orator with more than 18 years of experience in the teaching and administration sector.

A Higher Education Commission qualified teacher-administrator, also worked as a Professor in Gokuldas Hindu Girls college of Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh.


Mrs. Seema a is Doctorate in Human Nutrition from GB Pant University, Pantnagar. Also a Heartfulness Meditation instructor, Mrs. Seema's work in meditation & psychic healing is widely recognized. Students and educators at the institute have benefitted immensely from these meditation & relaxation techniques.


Mrs. Seema serves as the Director of Six sigma Institute of Technology and Science.

An excerpt from Mrs. Arora's speech reads "Our aim is to teach students to learn, not just study. In the modern age of education, students must focus on overall development including mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Hence, we strive to travel beyond the boundaries of mere books. We do not create the future, instead we craft you for the future. We encourage students to participate in all extra-curricular activities including sports, culture, craft, yoga, and meditation. Another important aspect is placements of students, where the Six Sigma Placement Cell is doing an excellent job in successfully finding the right opportunities for each student. "

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